Institute of Alternative Medicine
Dr. Ping Gu, O.M.D., PhD., L.Ac .

Clarity- E

According to the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, 88% of the 86 million people who work with computers for three or more hours a day suffer from:
        - Eye strain       
        - Headaches       
        - Blurred vision       
        - Double vision
        - Difficulty focusing

Clarity-E is a unique blend of natural herbs and vitamins scientifically extracted for maintenance of optimal vision. Specifically formulated to relieve eyestrain associated with excessive computer use, reading and general visual taxation. It is developed to maintain a healthy periocular blood circulatory system and promote the relaxation of the muscle of the eyes.  Clarity-E is a great supplement to relieve the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Incredients: White chrysanthenum, Fetid cassia, Lycium, Vitamin A


According to Dr. Resko and Dr. Mansfield's research, VDT (video display terminal) usage and reported health problems in the 52% of people who have more than 30 hours of VDT usage per week are as follows: headache, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain. These aches can cause stress, frustration and fatigue, and even force people to stop their computer related work.

MuscleEase-C is a blen of natural supplements developed to promote the relaxation of stiff muscles and joints. This formula is ideal for computer users as it soothes tight muscles in the head, neck, shoulders and back, facilitates the movement of shoulder and wrist joints, and maintains regularity of the nerve system. It can also increase people‘s energy. MuscleEase-C has no side effects because it is a natural well-balanced formula. It is strongly recommended for the maintenance of health in computer users and office workers.

Incredients: Ginseng, Ligusticum, White peony, Licorice, Mulberry twig, Corydalis

Professional Herbal Formula to maintain muscle elasticity helps slow the aging process. People will usually experience some warning signs regarding aging. These may include

        - Frequent night urination
        - Uncontrollable urinary leakage after sneezing, cough, or lifting things
        - Uncontrollable fecal leakage after flatulence       
        - Uncontrollable dribbling of snivel and tear, as well as saliva
        - Fatigue
        - Weak extremities       
        - Humpback due to weak back muscles
        - Hypotension, low immunity

The obvious signs of aging cause not only physical embarrassment but also psychological frustration. Rejuvenate-U is based on a secret formula of natural herbs from the Chinese Royal Court in Ming Dynasty (15th Century). Chinese emperors used this formula to maintain optimal health and promote longevity. It has been proven effective to above problems.

Rejuvenate-U activates blood micro-circulation, maintains muscle elasticity and strengthens the body‘s energy. Long time clincal use and research has shown that most people have felt much better and more energetic after taking Rejuvenate-U as a daily supplement over long periods of time followed this, people’s aging processes were slowed down dramatically.

Incredients: Schizandra, Cornus, Cistanche, Cimicifuga, Diorscorea, Astragalus, Gardenia, Lindera, Alpinia

All of the products are manufactured in FDA licensed facilities in the United States with various unique processing techniques. The Institute of Alternative Medicine products are not only the gem in traditional Chinese medicine of 5000 years wisdom, they are also the perfect integration of advanced Chinese herbology with Western medical science and technology